Expat moving: a difficult task

Expat moving is never easy and it can be frightening at times. A new assignment or job in a foreign country is exciting, but without friends and family in the vicinity it’s definitely challenging. Furthermore, expats have to deal with a new culture, in which he or she tries to fit in without help of a (professional) network. Building up a new network is not easy, especially when you have to do it in a foreign language.

While such problems may be solved by using Skype and LinkedIn, for example, expat moving remains a problem. What are you taking with you? How do you pack it? Which rules do you have to adhere to? What will be your means of transportation? Which insurances do you need? Not to mention decorating your new home and re-installing all your devices.

Expat moving: special for you, easy for us

Expat moving is not something you or a colleague does every week. Clearly you have to think about lots of potential problems. You can dodge these problems by hiring a professional moving company. Some moving companies, such as UTS Van Hoek, also help out with expat moving. By outsourcing the expat move, everything is taken care of by experts. And you know the relocation will run smoothly.


Expat moving is so difficult, that you may consider not taking some of your household items with you. After all, you don’t need all your stuff. Or maybe an old cabinet doesn’t fit the décor in your new home. Or maybe you don’t want to risk that beautiful vase breaking during the move. UTS Van Hoek handles this as well, up to the very last moment. Naturally, storage is also available if you’re planning to thoroughly clean your house or office, without moving around all the furniture.

Expat moving with a Checklist

It’s clear that expat moving is something you shouldn’t mess with. If you’re making a checklist for your expat move, surely it’ll be quite a few pages. Front and back. And even then, chances are you’re going to miss something. Our checklist is so comprehensive, it’s impossible to miss anything.

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