Coping with the emotional stress of moving

Coping with the emotional stress of moving

Relocation stress is nothing new. While moving, you’re constantly thinking about the relocation. Naturally, that sudden change in surroundings makes emotions running high. It turns out that the emotional stress of moving can have serious consequences in the long run – for the employees, but also for the organization that’s relocating. Prepare yourself using the tips to cope with the emotional stress of moving in this article!

Brian Joseph Gillespie is a PhD in the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen. In his book Household Mobility in America: Patterns, Processes and Outcomes (2017), he describes that a relocation can lead to disruption, disorder and distress for those involved.He also explains that the consequences of insecurity (in either work or family) and the loss of social contacts can have an influence on people, long after the relocation. Is your business relocating and do your employees have to move as well? Changes are that you’ll see an increase in absenteeism.

Tips to deal with the emotional stress of moving

Clearly, it’s wise to prepare yourself and your employees to deal with the emotional stress of moving. You probably won’t be able to prevent anyone from experiencing any stress, but you can lighten the load. As the project manager, you can use these tips and tricks to keep your head up!

1. Preparation is key

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: in the world of relocations, nothing is more important than preparation. Start planning months in advance. A year before the relocation will take place, there’s already a lot you can do: reserving a budget, informing your colleagues, et cetera. These days, an increasing number of businesses choose to hire a moving company, but most of the times they’re too late. A moving company, too, prefers to start planning as early as possible!

2. Clean and clear

You probably have more stuff than you think. That’s why you should already start the cleaning and clearing of your current office. Maybe some devices and items are not even being used anymore, which will make the relocation a little easier. However, for every single thing you’ll need to decide whether or not it has to be moved to the new location. And that’s very time-consuming…

3. Check out the new location

Comparing numbers, such as cubic meters, is not enough to determine the available space in the new location. Take a few days to really get to know the building. Investigate the property, both inside and outside, but also the surrounding area. What can your colleagues do in the vicinity? How can you make them eager to move there? Are there any stores in the neighbourhood that might prove useful during or after the relocation? And is there enough space for a truck to unload your inventory?

4. Make an overview

Jot down everything you need to arrange and collect important documents. Contracts with suppliers (gas, water, electricity, internet), movers, employees, everything. You’ll be amazed to see how many important documents you still have in this digital age. That’s why you should prepare different boxes for different kinds of documents and use coloured labels to clarify. Every single employee should do this for themselves, too; your own box with chargers, documents, pictures and other things you’re emotionally attached to.

5. Don’t forget yourself!

Last but not least: don’t forget yourself during the business relocation. Psychological stress play a huge part during any move. Your employees probably won’t like the upcoming move, as people generally don’t like change. As the project manager, you’ll be dealing with the fear of regret. What if the new location is not what I expected? Did I screw up? And let’s not forget exhaustion, both physically and mentally. That’s why you should allow yourself to relax, every once in a while. As stated earlier, during a move you’re constantly thinking about the entire operation. It’s like a wedding or renovations to your home, in that way. By forcing yourself to think about something else, you’ll experience less stress and you’ll be able to focus better when you’re back at it.

Experts by experience don’t feel stress

Hopefully you can use these tips and tricks to deal with the emotional stress of moving. Remember: it’s probably not something you’ll have to do every year. UTS Van Hoek does this every day. We’ve been doing it for almost 100 years. That includes disassembling, packing, loading, (sea) transport and even taking care of documents and customs. That’s why we don’t succumb to stress and you don’t have to worry. We can take care of your relocation from beginning to end. Now that is what we call preparation! Need help with your international (business) relocation? Contact us using the information below!

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Of course our staff are as careful as possible. They understand the emotional value associated with personal objects. The best start at a new address therefore begins with a personal chat with UTS Van Hoek Removals.

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